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District of Columbia Notary Supplies Shop

Notary Public of America now offers notaries in the District of Columbia notary embossing seals! As a leading producer of stamps and embossers, Notary Public of America is proud to offer the highest quality products to District of Columbia notaries. Effective April 15, 2010, embossers are the only kind of authorized notary seals in the District of Columbia. All of our embossing seals meet the requirements set forth by the District of Columbia; however, you are also required to use an impression inker to make the seal impression photographically reproducible. Notary Public of America also offers custom stamps and embossers. Other products we carry include notarial certificates, record books, fingerprint pads, etc.

Notary Public of America is not a bonding agency and does not provide application information about how to become a notary or renew your commission in the District of Columbia. Notaries in the District of Columbia are appointed by the Secretary of the District through the Notary Commissions and Authentications Office.